The purpose of this course is the formation of culturally equipped professionals who are able to address consultancy necessities of the different kinds of agricultural farms and agribusiness companies. In particular, these professionals will be able to assess the sustainability and economic feasibility of the introduction of the cutting edge biotechnological and management tools that are aimed at upgrading and safeguarding the tangible and intangible resources invested in the agricultural farms and agribusiness companies.
The master's degree in Agricultural Sciences and Technology completes and strengthens the knowledge acquired with the first level degree by deepening the scientific knowledge aimed at solving the most complex problems associated with agriculture-related activities. The training project is multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary and is geared towards learning the latest scientific and technological models applied to agriculture. The subjects offered in the course of studies provide a robust technical-economic preparation, and are aimed at preparing the students to teamwork and enabling them to design innovative solutions for the management of complex production systems.
The Master's Degree in Agricultural Sciences and Technologies is a pre-requisite for the continuation of university education (1-year master programs of 2nd level and PhD programs), enables the laureate to work as a freelance agronomist, and provides access to directive and management roles in private companies, in public administration and in governmental organizations. The Degree is also the main prerequisite for positions of teacher of agro-technical and scientific disciplines in high schools.
via De Sanctis, snc - 86100 Campobasso
President: Prof. Angelo Belliggiano