The Bachelor of Science in Food Science and Technology is the first step in the university education and formation of the Food Technologist, a professional who must be able to carry out pivotal technical tasks within the agri-food chain including production, transformation and preservation of food and beverages, ingredients and semi-finished products. This 3 years-program leads to the achievement of 180 credits (CFUs) and includes theoretical lectures, as well as theoretical and practical teachings based on a laboratory practice, technical visits to production sites and professional realities. The course consists of lessons on fundamental and specialized topics that provide the students with a gradual and progressive increase of knowledge and skills that are necessary to acquire the abilities in problem elaboration and solving. The internship chosen by the student and the preparation of the final exam also contribute to this purpose. In particular, the course includes: a) a basic training on physics, mathematics, chemistry and biology and primary productions; b) a professional training to acquire the knowledge and skills that are needed for the management of production and processing of foodstuffs.
The aim of the course is to provide: the necessary skills to assess the chemical, physical, microbiological, nutritional and sensory quality of foodstuffs, and to properly manage the food production according to the modern procedures regarding both quality/safety and business; the skills to choose the most suitable processes for modern production, storage, processing, distribution of food and feeding.
The Graduate in Food Sciences and Technology carries out technical management tasks in the production, storage, distribution of food, beverages and feeding, with the aim of upgrading the food production from a qualitative, economic, ethical point of view as well as in terms of environmental sustainability. The graduate has job opportunities in companies related to food production that supply raw materials, industrial plants, adjuvants and ingredients. The degree obtained at the end of the 3-years program is also a pre-requisite for the enrollment in the Master's degree course in Food Sciences and Technology, that is the following step in the university education for these professionals.
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President: Prof. Gianfranco Panfili
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